200 LB Skate Off Newport!!

Review May 2016:

Report courtesy of Skipper Darragh McGee Clewbay Charters  – Newport, Co.Mayo


It was a glorious sunny day on clewbay on Sunday May 15th as Kevin and some of his work colleagues spent the day on board WhiteWater II.
The fishing was steady with plenty of dogfish coming up and the trend was broken when the first bullhuss was boated by Charlene (her first huss) Well done Charlene!
Before full tide we moved to a place where I landed a skate last October in the hope of a repeat chance. The guys were all fishing 30lb gear so I put out a rod with heavy gear (Penn rod with a Penn 6/0 reel) a 10/0 hook baited with a full coalfish caught the day before. Kevin put his name on the rod should it go off and at 2pm the clicking started and the fight began. I fitted him with a buttpad and harness and coached him on his every move. After 40 minutes the skate reached the surface and with the help of 4 lads we got her on board.

200 lb Skate-Newport-Mayo (6)The hook was removed and the skate was positioned for measuring, photographing and tagging.
It measured 68 inches wingspan and 87 inches nose to tail.

200 lb Skate-Newport-Mayo (3)

The measurement chart did not go further than 84″ so with a calculation of 2lbs per inch we estimated the skate to be 200LB but I’m confident it was heavier than that.
Photos and tag done the skate was released back in the water and speedily hit for the sea bed again.

200 lb Skate-Newport-Mayo (5)


A big congratulations to Kevin and Skipper Darragh McGee of Clewbay Charters on this amazing catch.

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