31 lb Irish Pike

Well done to Steven McGarvey who recently landed a 31 lb 2 oz Specimen Irish Pike, & well done also to Gary for being at hand to land the beast. Congratulations lads from AnglingInIreland.com.  Thanks also for submitting your story & photograph.

My second 30 lb + Pike 

by Steven McGarvey


” Me and my brother had organised this over night session at the last minute. We’ve been fishing very hard the past couple of months with some great results but wanted a 30 lb plus pike. With the van loaded we made the hour and a half drive to avenue that I knew could hold a biggie!


We got the boat sorted and traveled to the shore of choice. After an hour of setting up Gary had a screaming run and caught a nice Pike of 10 lb. From then till dark there was 8 small pike caught, and we both knew if they were here, there had to be a biggie!


We re-cast just before dark and got settled with food on the stove. Suddenly around 8.15 pm I had a one toner of a run on a full mackerel!! I knew straight away when I set the hooks this was a special fish.


After about 5 minutes of an intense fight, and our two head torches shining under the rod tip –  the river monster appeared. It was the sight that all pikers dream about! With great netting from Gary my second 30 lb pike was in the net, and both of us were in shock. After a quick unhook we weighed her and wow, it was 31 lb 2 Oz!


Steven with his 31 lb 2 oz Specimen Irish Pike.


After some photos it was a fantastic feeling seeing her (a dream pike) swim away. The early hours didn’t produce much. It was the coldest night I’ve ever spent in a tent and very uncomfortable, but all the hard work and sacrifice had paid off with a 30 lb+ river monster. I will probably have the flu tomorrow but it’s all worth it when us pikers see a specimen like this. Stephen Mc Garvey


31 lb Irish Pike



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