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“Any angler fishing in and around Lough Derg will probably have been influenced in some way while on holiday in County Clare by Mike Daly. He moved to Ireland many years ago and operated a BB around Killaloe area but these days has a smaller guesthouse taking a maximum of three anglers – and catches loads of bream, tench, roach, hybrids and big perch.

Mike suffered a heart attack a few months back and since then has had a quadruple by-pass and feels really good and getting even better!

Bill Delves (St Helens AA), Frank Lythgoe (Warrington AA) and I fished together with Mike on Lough Derg in late June and in one session bagged over 500lb of big bream and roach. It was a terrific day.

I know for certain that anybody who has ever been involved with Mike – a star veteran – will be delighted to hear that he is up and about and keen to get fishing again.”

“And don’t forget to tell everyone that I’m taking bookings for 2016”, said Mike!

Dave Houghton

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  1. Nice fish Mike! Well done.

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