Pike Fishing

The Pike is Ireland’s largest freshwater preadator and is abundant in almost all lakes, rivers and canals. Irish Pike grow quickly and can reach up to over 20kg (40lbs). The record Irish Pike from a lake is 42lb and 12oz, and measured 49.5 inches, caught in The White Lake, Co. Westmeath in 2005. This Pike was released to grow even bigger!

The river record in Ireland is 42lb and was caught in the River Barrow in 1964. Pike take any opportunity they get to feed on small prey such as Rudd, Roach, Eels and Hybrids. It’s a common misconception that Pike are reducing the fish population because of the large amount of fish they eat, but in fact they pick out diseased and injured fish, stopping the spread of disease and helping the ecosystem enormously.

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